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What people should do if they got the news on midday that today is a day of’Eid ul Fitr


It was narrated that “Umair bin Anas bin Malik said:

“My paternal uncles among the Ansar (helpers) who were among the Companions of the Allah’s Messenger (saws) told me: “The new crescent (🌙 new moon )of Shawwal was covered with clouods, so we fasted the next day. Then some riders came at the end of the day and testified to the Prophet (Muhamadd saws) that they had seen the new crescent the night before (last night).
The Messenger of Allah (saws) commanded them(people of madina) to break their fast and to go out to offer the “Eid prayer the following morning ( next morning).

Sahih (Darussalam)

Sunan ibn majah , Hadith 1653
Book 7, Hadith 16
a. If the news of the appearance of a new crescent is received on the
aftanoon, then the ‘Eid prayer will be offered the next day, but the fast of
the day will come to end immediately after receiving the news.
b. Sighting the new crescent by the nearest aty is accepted. The caravan
reached Al-Madinah after covenng a whole day’s journey; the people of Al- Madinah finished their fast on the basis of the moon being sighted from
such a distance