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The Sunnah prayers of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) during the day.

  • Do you know about Sunnah prayer of Prophet Muhammed ﷺ,
  • How many they are and
  • At what time he used to offer these voluntary prayers,
let us know about that in the light of authentic teaching of Prophet Muhammadﷺ

Sunnah prayers

It was narrated that “Asim bin Damrah As-Saluli said:

“We asked “Ali about the voluntary (prayer) of Allah’s Messenger (saws ) during the day.
 He (Ali)  said: “You will not be able.’ We said: “Inform us of it, we will do what we can of it?’ So he (Ali) said:
 “When he (Prophet pbuh) prayed the Fajr he would delay praying any more. When the sun appeared over there (west) ““ like it appears here, meaning in the direction of the east, about the amount for the “Asr prayer from there, meaning in the direction of the west, meaning before the Maghrib ““ he would stand and perform two Rak’ah then he (Prophet pbuh) would delay praying until the sun appeared over there (west), meaning in the direction of the east, about the amount of the Zuhr (noon) prayer from there, then he (Prophet pbuh)  would stand and perform four. And, four before the Zuhr (noon) when the sun passed the zenith, and two Rak’ah after it, and, four before the “Asr, separating between every two Rak’ah with Taslim (salam) upon the angels that are close (to Allah swt), the Prophets (pbuh) , and those who follow them among the Muslims and the believers.'”
Hazrat ‘Ali (ra) said: “That is sixteen Rak’ah of voluntary prayer which Allah’s Messenger (saws) performed during the day. And there are very few who offer them regularly.” Waki` said: “My father added: Habib bin Abu Thabit said: “O Abu Ishaq, this mosque filled with gold would not be dearer to me than this Hadith of yours.'”
Grade Hasan (Darussalam)
Sunan ibn majah  Book 5, Hadith 359

Conclusion 👇

The time of Israk (literally, sunrise) begins with the rising of the sun  marginally. The inference that we get from the Hadith is that the time for this prayer lasts until the shadow of everything becomes equal to it in size, i.e., until one fourth of the day bas passed.
The time for the duha prayer begins a little after the beginning of Ishraq  i.e., after the sun gains considerable height, and lasts until before noon Performing prayer at the exact noontime (i.e., when the sun attains to its zenith) is forbidden