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Seal of prophet muhammad (pbuh)

Al-Ahzab 33:40

مَّا كَانَ مُحَمَّدٌ أَبَآ أَحَدٍ مِّن رِّجَالِكُمْ وَلَٰكِن رَّسُولَ ٱللَّهِ وَخَاتَمَ ٱلنَّبِيِّۦنَۗ وَكَانَ ٱللَّهُ بِكُلِّ شَىْءٍ عَلِيمًا

Muhammad is not the father of [any] one of your men, but [he is] the Messenger of Allah and last of the prophets.
And ever is Allah, of all things, Knowing.
Narrated As-Sa’ib bin Yazid:
My aunt took me to the Prophet (saws) and said, “O Allah’s Messenger (saws)! This son of my sister has got a disease in his legs.”
So he (Prophet pbuh)  passed his hands on my head and prayed for Allah’s blessings for me; then he performed ablution and I drank from the remaining water.
I stood behind him (Prophet pbuh)  and saw the seal of Prophethood between his shoulders,
and it was like the “Zir-al-Hijla” (means the button of a small tent, but some said ‘egg of a partridge.’ etc.)

Reference : Sahih al-Bukhari 190

In-book reference : Book 4, Hadith 56

Narrated Isma`il:

I asked Abi `Aufa, “Did you see Ibrahim, the son of the Prophet (saws) ?”
He said (replied), “Yes, but he died in his early childhood.
Had there been a Prophet after Muhammad (pbuh) then his son (Ibrahim) would have lived, but there is no Prophet after him.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 6194
In-book : Book 78, Hadith 218