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How to protect against evil action of neighbours

 Dear brothers, we all have neighbours some are good some may be bad , if unfortunately we have some bad neighbours then may be we affected by their wrong or evil activities,
If it is so, then sometimes it is too much any may be influenced us or our family members
Therefore it is desirable to safeguard ourselves from their activities
So let us know how  we can  protect ourselves from their activities which directly or indirectly influence us –
The neighbour’s complaint
Abu Hurayra said, “A man said, ‘Messenger of Allah, I have a neighbour who does me harm.’
He (Prophet Muhammadﷺ) said, ‘Go and take your things out into the road.’ He took his things out into the road. People gathered around him and asked, ‘What’s the matter?’ He replied (answered), ‘A neighbour of mine injures me and I mentioned it to the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad saws).
He (Prophet Muhammadﷺ) told me, “Take your things out into the road.”‘ They began to say, ‘O Allah, curse him! O Allah, disgrace him!’
When the man (who harm his neighbour) heard that, he came out to him and said, ‘Go back to your home. By Allah (swt), I will not harm you (again).
Al adab ul mufrad             Hadith number  124

 Conclusion 👇

This is logical reason to protect ourselves from evil activities of our neighbours
Because our neighbours are also human beings they have also some respects in the society, they have some friends,. Some colleague, some relative.
So if a person is badly affected by his neighbour he may used this trick and may inform neighbour’s friends or relatives or colleague so that they communicate with him and told that he should not behave like this which affects badly to his neighbour