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Importance of our behaviour

Assalam alaikum warahmatullahe wabarkatohu
 dear brothers and sisters, we daily interacts with our friends neighbours relatives colleagues or  co-workers  in our daily life, we behave with them sometime our behaviour pleased them but sometime we hurt them with our behaviour
Also we noticed that there are few people who always or mostly hurts others maybe they are our neighbours friends relatives or colleague
So what Islam says about our behaviour which influence to the others latest neighbour know about that in the light of authentic teaching of Prophet Muhammad

Our behaviour


Abu Hurayra said, “The Prophet (Muhammad pbuh) was asked,

‘Messenger of Allah! A certain woman prays (voluntary ) in the night, fasts (voluntary) in the day, acts and gives (voluntary) sadaqa, but injures her neighbours with her tongue.’

The Allah’s Messenger (saws),  said, ‘There is no good in her. She is one of the people of the Fire (because of that evil activity).

They said, ‘Another woman prays the prescribed prayers and gives bits of curd as sadaqa and does not injure anyone.’

The Messenger of Allah’s Messenger (saws) said, ‘She is one of the people of the Garden (paradise).


Al adab ul mufrad Hadith number 119


Abu Hurayra reported that

the  Allah’s​ massanger (saws) said,

“A person whose neighbours are not safe from his evil will not enter the Garden.”


Al adab ul mufrad Hadith number 121

Conclusion 👇

 from the above mentioned hadees we come to know that in the site of Almighty Allah our behaviour are much important than our voluntary worship.
 if we performed our obligations of worship and our dependents, then  if with our behaviour we are good we do not hurt others with our behaviour
 then we are much better than those people who do voluntary worship continuously but they hurts others by their activities
 the other people are worried about their behaviours they badly influenced with their activities.
May Allah guide us so that we can rectify us and our behaviour which causes pleasing people not hurt them