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Concealing faults

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Narrated Uqbah ibn Amir (ra)

The Prophet (saws ) said: He (or she ) who sees something which should be kept hidden and conceals it will be like one who has brought to life a girl buried alive.

Hasan (Darussalam )
Sunan Abi Dawud 4891
In-book : Book 43, Hadith 119
* Exposing the faults of others is not proper. The offenders should be advised with wisdom, and privately

Narrated Uqbah ibn Amir (ra)

Abu al Haytham quoted Dukhayn, the scribe of Uqbah ibn Amir, saying: We had some neighbours who used to drink wine ( toxicants).  I forbade them, but they did not stop.
I then said to Uqbah ibn Amir (ra):  These neighbours of ours drink wine, (toxicants )
and I tried to prevent them (for doing this ) but they did not stop, and I am going to call the police about them.

He said: Leave them (or ignore them).

I again came to Uqbah ibn Amir (ra) and said: Our neighbours have refused to refrain from drinking wine (intoxicant), and I am going to call the police for them.

He   (Uqbah ibn Amir) said :  Woe to you! Leave them alone. I heard the Messenger of Allah (saws ) say: he then mentioned the tradition to the same effect as recorded above on the authority of the narrator Muslim.
Abu Dawud (author) said: In this version Hashim b. al-Qasim said on the authority of Laith:
Do not do it, but preach them and threaten them.

Hasan ( Darussalam )

Sunan Abi Dawud 4892
In-book : Book 43, Hadith 120