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Who is better between two people

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatuhu

Dear brothers and sisters it is human nature that everyone of us compare with others that who is better between two or group of people but

  • do we know that what exactly who is better between the two people or among a group ?
  • Who is good muslim in the site of Almighty Allah
  • How we increase our status in the site of Almighty Allah
So let us know about that in the light of authentic teaching of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ


Abu Ayyub, the Companion of the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad ﷺ) said,

“It is not lawful for anyone to cut himself off from his Muslim brother for more than three (day and ) nights,

so that when they meet, one of them turns his face away in avoidance and the other one (of the two) turns his face away as well.

The better of them is the one who initiates the greeting.

Sahih (Al-Albani)

Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 399

In-book : Book 22, Hadith 3


Hisham ibn ‘Amir al-Ansari, the cousin of Anas ibn Malik whose father was killed in the Battle of Uhud, that he heard the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad ﷺ) say,

“It is not lawful for a Muslim  to snub another Muslim for more than three (day and) nights. As long as they are cut off from each other, they are turning away from the Truth.

The first of them to return to a proper state has his expiation for that inasmuch as he was the first to return to a proper state.

If they die while they are cut off (relationship) from each other, neither of them will ever enter the Garden (paradise).

If one of them greets the other and he refuses to return the greeting or accept his greeting, then an angel returns the greeting to him and Shaytan (Devil 😈) answers the other.”

Sahih (Al-Albani)

Al-AdabAl-Mufrad 402

In-book : Book 22, Hadith 6

Conclusion 👇

From the above Hadees it is clear that it is not allowed for any muslim to avoid talking with his muslim brother when they meet each other beyond three days

 Who is good muslim 👇

And good muslim or the best one, among those  is the one who initiate the greetings and talking
May Allah guide us in his way, Amin.