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• Prophet Muhammed ﷺ, how he was speak with people?

Do you know how Prophet was Muhammed ﷺ speaking with people ?
Assalam alaikum warahmatullahe wabarkatohu
Deat brothers and sisters , as we know we daily interacts with different types of people and with them we have to talk (with our family members, friends, neighbours and relatives etc )
But how should speak with them ?
How Prophet Muhammadﷺ was speaking with people ?
So let us know about that – 

Imaam Hasan (may Allah please with him) says, I asked my (maternal) uncle Hind ibn Abi Haalah, who always described the noble features of   Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)  to describe to me the manner in which Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihe wasallam spoke.
He answered that Rasoolullah sallallahu alaihe wasallam was always worried (about the hereafter). And (he) always busy thinking (about the attributes of Allah and the betterment of the Ummah).
 Because of these things he (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) was never free from thought and never rested (or because of worldly affairs he did not gain rest, but gained rest and contentment from religious well being. It is mentioned in the hadith that the coolness of my eyes is in salaah).
 He (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) always spoke clearly from beginning to end. (He did not speak in a manner where only half sentences are spoken and the other half remained in the mind of the speaker, as is prevalent among snobbish high-minded and proud people). He (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) spoke concisely, where the words are less and meaning more.
Every word was clearer than the previous one. There was no nonsensical talk, nor was there half-talks where the meaning was not complete and could not be grasped. He (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) was not short-tempered, nor did he disgrace anyone.
 He (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) always greatly appreciated the blessings of Allah (swt) even though it might be very minute, he did not criticize it.
He (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) did not criticize food, nor over-praised it (The reason for not criticizing food is clear, that it is a blessing from Allah (swt).
 The reason for not praising it is because it might be felt that one is gluttonous. Nevertheless, he (Prophet Muhammadﷺ ) praised food if it was to make someone happy, and sometimes praised some special things).
He (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) was never angered for anything materialistic. (The reason being that he did not pay much attention, and did not care much about materialistic things).
If someone exceeded the limits in religious matters or against the truth, he (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) became so angry that no one could endure it, nor could anybody stop it till he avenged it. If for some reason he made a gesture or pointed at something, he (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) did it with a full hand.
(The scholars) say the reason being that it is against humbleness to point with one finger only. Some ulama say it was his noble habit to signal oneness of Allah with one finger, therefore he did not signal anyone in that manner).
 When he (Prophet Muhammad saws) was surprised by something he turned his hands, and when he spoke sometimes while talking, he moved his hands, he sometimes hit the palm of his right hand with the inside part of his left thumb.
 When he (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) became angry with someone, he turned his face away from that person, and did not pay attention to that person or he forgave that person.
When (Prophet Muhammad pbuh) he was happy due to humility it seemed as if he had closed his eyes. The laugh of Prophet Muhammad pbuh was mostly a smile, at that moment his mubarak front teeth glittered like white shining hailstone

Samaile muhammadiya,.  
Book 34, Hadith 225